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I start a certain action at various locations.
I publish video including record its process and result.
I never make a travel sketch, for example phenomenon, conditions and scenery.
I act for a certain purpose actively,and record all my action as documentary regardless of success and or failure.
In other words, documentary are comprehensive three elements( video, tools and act).
Most of my works will be presented as a video installation. Perfection is not the purpose of making a work.
Visitors can share feeling of being and hugeness with me. They understand my works by three elements.
Three elements are very important for my works.
They are surprised that there imaginations differ from the fact.
For example, I can show bigger and more beatiful unreal image than the original.
But I show clear reality them by fictional scene.
At first,I start to seach hints about works according to meeting things and places.
For instance,one of my works named Move the Island.
The location of Shodoshima ,the acter(that is I)and tools(20 radio-controlled boats)are gears.
They begin to turn jarringly.
I made a long stay in Shodoshima. I made my work in this island.
I roped 20 radio-controlled boats to this island(Shodoshuma).
Boats were moving the island at there will. I matched there will with my will.
I brought my plan to completion after several attempts.
I try to show elements of traces and relationship between people(involved with my works).
That excites imagination in visitors. This technique is like a fieldwork.
Durling my long stay in Shodoshima, I got nice ideas.
I tried to put ideas into action at there. 
The acter(that is I)and location(the stage )and tool(connector),three elements realize for my ideas.
Fortuitous work has a result not possible to foresee.
So,the work is interesting to see.
There is a unique and fortuitous humor in my works.